Appointed by President Farley Herzek, the SU&IC Advisory Board is an inclusive body of Kingsborough students, faculty, staff, and administrators who will be consulted regarding planning and programming for the SU&IC. The majority of the people listed below were also members of the Presidential Task-force charged with creating the SU&IC.


Reza Fakhari
Vice President, Office of Workforce Development & Strategic Community Partnerships | Continuing Education


Since there is a turnover of club officers, the President or another officer of the clubs noted below will serve on the Advisory Board.

KCC Alumnus
President, Asian Society
President, College Discovery & LGBTS Alliance
President, Hillel Club
President, International Student Union
President, Muslim Student Association
President, The Student Diversity Club (Proposed to be formed in the SU&IC Plan)
President, Student World Assembly
President, Tagar Club


Susan Aranoff

Kevicha Echols
Health, Physical Ed. & Recreation

Maureen Fadem

Nataniel Green
Math & Computer Science

Brian Hack

Katia Perea
Behavioral Sciences

Paul Ricciardi
Communications & Performing Arts

Debra Schultz
History, Philosophy, & Political Science

Lili Shi
Communications & Performing Arts

Michael Smith

Thom Smyth
Tourism & Hospitality



Elizabeth Basile
Vice President, College Advancement

Stanley Bazile
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Anna Becker
Executive Director, On Stage at Kingsborough

Mabel Chee
Director of Development, College Advancement

Rosalie Fayad
Director, Enrollment Services & International Student Affairs

Brian Mitra
Dean, Student Affairs

Helen-Margaret Nasser
Associate Director, Honors Program

Janine Palludan
Associate Director, Academic Affairs

Maria Patestas
Director of Student Life, Student Affairs

Ed Rios
Vice President, Finance & Administration

Tasheka Sutton-Young
Executive Chief of Staff, President's Office

Dawn Walker
Assistant Vice President, Office of Communications & Government Relations

Paul Winnick
Director of Operations,  Performing Arts & Event Facilities


Kseniya Inoyatov
Registered Architect, Office of Campus Planning & Design

Irina Pistsov
Graphic Designer, Academic Affairs

Marin Stancu
Master Architect, Office of Campus Planning & Design

Sean Thill
Graphic Designer, Office of Communications & Government Relations

Illeana Viquez
Interior Designer, Office of Campus Planning & Design